Golden Sevens

Dieser Spielautomat ist einer der unbestrittenen Alltime-Klassiker der Früchte-Slots. Ganz im Retro-Design macht er immer Spass und erinnert an die grossen Spielhallen von Las Vegas. Beim Golden Sevens Slot dreht sich alles um die Glückszahl Sieben, welche in Gold die höchsten Belohnungen verspricht. Das Beste am Slot mit der Golden 7 ist, dass dieses Spiel über einen riesigen Jackpot verfügt, der im Prinzip mit jedem einzelnen Dreh gewonnen werden kann.

Spielbeschreibung: Der Slot läuft auf 5 Walzen und kann mit 5, mit 10 oder mit 20 Gewinnlinien gespielt werden. Alle Gewinne werden von links nach rechts gezählt. Die Einsätze können individuell variiert werden, und es ist möglich in den verschiedensten Währungen zu spielen, zum Beispiel in Euro, schweizer Franken, britischen Pfund und einigen anderen mehr.

Die Walzensymbole bestehen aus: die Goldene 7 als höchster Wert, Glocken, Siebener und natürlich einiges Obst: Melonen, Pflaumen, Kirschen und Orangen.

Die goldene Sieben bietet einen sogenannten progressiven Jackpot, das heisst, es handelt sich um einen Jackpot der kontinuierlich, mit jedem einzelnen Einsatz immer weiter aufgestockt wird, und von daher immer satt gefüllt ist. Dieser Jackpot kann mit jedem einzelnen Dreh gewonnen werden, allerdings empfiehlt es sich mit dem Höchsteinsatz und allen 20 Gewinnlinien zu spielen, da nur dann der volle Jackpot ausgeschüttet wird. Ansonsten gibt es den 10.000-fachen Einsatz, was natürlich trotzdem eine schöne Summe sein wird! Ziel ist es, 15 mal die goldene Sieben zu erreichen.

Eine weitere Funktion ist das „Gamble-Feature“, das heisst nach einem gewinnenden Dreh hat man die Möglichkeit, seinen Gewinn zu verdoppeln (oder im schlechten Fall, ihn gleich wieder zu verlieren) – die Chancen sind 50:50. Diese Wett-Funktion wird durch Drücken des “Gamble„-Knopfes am unteren Bildschirmrand aktiviert. Der Golden Sevens Slot ist auch für Einsteiger gut geeignet, da sich die Spielvariation hier auf den Grundbildschirm konzentriert, und das Geschehen gut überschaubar ist. Dieses Game hat keine komplizierten Bonusfunktionen die durchgespielt werden können oder müssen. Man kann hier auch in aller Ruhe das Autoplay einschalten, sich zurücklehnen, um die klassischen Graphiken geniessen und warten bis die Kasse klingelt! Der Slot mit der goldenen Sieben ist ein Klassiker, der immer wieder Spass macht.…

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Gettysburg Borough

Gettysburg Borough Finance Committee decided to accept the $1 million in exchange for supporting the casino in Straban Township the committee announced Wednesday, August 9.

The Chance Enterprises was asked by the committee to increase the $1 million payment if the casino’s profits increase as well.

Attorney Jeffrey Ernico, from Chance, told the committee last month that he will not have a hard time getting Chance to agree to a reasonable escalator clause.

Finance Committee Chairman, John Murphy, said “I think the entire council needs to look at this.”

The Final draft of the proposal will arrive Monday, August 14 said Borough solicitor Harold Eastman. At 7 p.m. of the same day, a work session is to be held to discuss the document a half-hour before the council meets.

Last April, the support for the casino proposal was voted by the Gettysburg Borough Council in exchange for a share of profits to be guaranteed.

Last month the agreement was considered, the guaranteed $1 million that the Chance will give to Gettysburg Borough as its profit is approved. The Borough will be helped by Chance to seek at least $2 million if public-share casino funds from the state.

Chance spokesman David La Torre stresses that the proposal is not yet final. He would not comment on the whether the language raising the borough’s yearly revenue would be in the grant proposal from Chance.

La Torre said, “We’re confident everything will be worked out. This project is going to provide more than $1 million to Gettysburg. It won’t just work out for Gettysburg. It’ll work out for everyone.”…

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Get Started in Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a game that’s taken advantage of the widespread popularity of no-limit hold’em which rose to be the most popular form of poker in the world starting around 2003. If you’re a fan of playing that game or watching it on TV, then you’ll love Casino Hold’em. It’s based on a similar set of ideas as traditional hold’em, but there are a few twists that make things interesting as you go up against the dealer. Overall, strategy in this game hasn’t been completely solved yet, but you can still get a really good idea of how well you’re doing.

You start out by making an ante bet, and then you’re dealt two cards with three community cards (the flop). You have the option here to either fold or call, and calling means you put up a call bet that’s twice the size of your ante. From here, calling gives you two more community cards while folding completely takes you out of the hand and loses your ante bet. The dealer has to qualify with at least a pair of fours, and if he doesn’t, then your ante wins and your call bet pushes. Otherwise, the best hand wins, with the ante paying according to a paytable and the call bet winning at 1:1.

Typically you’ll get 100x for a royal, 20x for a straight flush, 10x for four of a kind, 3x for a full house (aka a boat), 2x for a flush and 1x for all other hands when it comes to your ante payouts. The call bet only pays 1:1 and isn’t multiplied by these amounts. The house advantage is about 2.16 percent if you have this paytable and play correctly, but watch out for less favorable tables that you’ll want to avoid.

Strategy in this game centers around trying to fold the worst hands. Generally speaking, you’ll want to be raising about 80-85 percent of hands, and that means that you’ll only be folding 15-20 percent. You can track how often you fold to get a good idea of how close you’re sticking to this if you’re interested in seeing if your strategies are working out over the long run. In general, this is a game with a lot of room to maneuver in terms of strategy, so feel free to come up with your own rules as long as they adhere to this 80/20 …

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Get a Hit of Endorphina’s New Diamond Vapor Slot

Bars and nightclubs gradually saw the emergence of people smoking electronic devices called vapes towards the end of the ‘00s. Since then, vaping culture has soared because of people trying to find a healthier way of smoking.

World’s First Vape Slot

Inspired by the rise of vaping culture, software studio Endorphina has decided to get ahead of the game by developing the world’s first vape slot. This is entitled Diamond Vapor and it will be available at Endorphina casinos such as BETJOY Casino, Loki Casino, and Oshi Casino from March 2017.

Diamond Vapor has been promoted with a poster that is fronted by a scantily clad blonde woman who is exhibiting tattoos and puffing on a vape. In the background, she is flanked by two bearded men who combine hipster grooming with street clothing.

All three of the characters from the poster make their respective appearances as symbols in the Diamond Vapor slot. Then, there are vapes and juice bottles used to fill out the symbols, while bonus and wild symbols have also been included to reward players.

Diamond Vapour’s Technical Details

The slot interface is quite standardised in its design of using five reels by three rows, which means it can display 15 total symbols for every spin. In regard to winnings, players will have the ability to match symbols over Diamond Vapor’s 10 payline.

Vape Bar is one of the most rewarding symbols because of its dual function as wild and scatter. After landing three Vape Bars anywhere on the screen, players will have 10 free games plus the ability for symbols to expand and cover entire reels when they come together on a winning payline.

This is not the first time that Endorphina has explored strange themes, having previously released the world’s first Bitcoin slot. Satoshi’s Secret has long been a staple of Endorphina ever since it was launched.…

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Vancouver Cops Claim Casino Gambling Crime Not As Bad As Bars

The Vancouver Police Department dispelled the notion that casinos bring crime when Deputy Chief explained Monday that crime from bars and nightclubs is more of a worry than crimes caused by a casino.

Macau Gambling Revenue Rises Again In February
In one of the most well-received trends in the history of casino gambling, Macau casinos had yet another record-setting month in February. Revenue was up almost fifty percent over the same period in 2010.

Las Vegas Sands Being Investigated For Improper Payments In Macau
Las Vegas Sands has made a fortune by diving into the Macau casino gambling industry, but now the company is under investigation for possibly making improper payments to some officials.…

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Horror on the Reels Halloween Slots Are Coming

Halloween is an interesting time of the year, with everyone getting their scary grooves on, and the online gambling industry is no exception to this rule. Every year, around this time, we get loads of slots with reels inhabited by witches, pumpkins, vampires, and all that jazz. So, with that intro out of the way, what have game developers prepared for us this year?

Microgaming Reviving the Classic Movie

If there’s one game everyone’s hyped about, that’s Microgaming’s new Halloween slot. The popular developer procured the necessary licensing deal to create a casino game based on the cult 1978 movie and, as expected, they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Set on the porch of the Strode family house, this 50-payline slot features an unusual reel setup with several bonus features and hides potential for some really big wins. Combined with the original music, recognizable characters and items from the movie appearing as symbols, and some truly creepy atmosphere, Mircrogaming’s Halloween is easily the best title from this particular genre we’ve seen this year.

Those who’d like to give the Halloween slot a try should check out Royal Vegas Casino and Platinum Play Casino, both of which were quick to add this new title to their game libraries. While it is impossible to say how those reels will stack up, this game can definitely warm you up for the Halloween night.

Vampires Are Back

NetEnt didn’t fail us this year, either. Just in time for this year’s Halloween, the company came up with the sequel to their Blood Suckers, Blood Suckers II. The next generation of vampires is making a big comeback and Amelia sets on an adventure to restore the hidden fortune of her ancestors.

Featuring highly improved graphics and sound effects, Blood Suckers II can be quite creepy at times, so it may not be for everyone. That said, Halloween is nothing without creepy and scary, so fans of this holiday…

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The free craft fair and bazaar featured online

It is a well known fact that many Americans cant live without the use of online casino products in their daily lives, especially those marketed by Skill Hirz INC, thought to be the industry leader. Nearly 1 in 4 households own one or more of these items, which are considered to be durable goods by all measures. With the pomp and circumstance of Marugg Casparian INC touting its new brand, joked Benavente Whetstone, COO for a competing company, it only means good things for the online casino market. There was some vocal opposition to the release of the new live uk casino products, most notably from a local protest group. Although there was no heckling or jeering at the press conference, the presence of Haines Seymoure and a band of protestors was noted. Were practicing 100% legal civil disobedience, said Haines Seymoure, and want to show respect to the companies while at the same time challenging them to make something that is better for consumers, not their bottom lines. An short Q & A session with CEO Shugrue Tewani of Brandee Loreman LLC after the main presentation rebutted some of the protestors views. Said Shugrue Tewani: This is the most consumer friendly online casino product we have ever released. Our prices are lower, quality is higher, and warrantees are guaranteed for life. Further press releases from other top online casino firms are due out at the end of the week, when most daily papers run the presses for weekend editions. Most area companies want the opportunity to comment on Sardinha Propes INCs lead in the market sector, and at the same time secure their own market share. Publicity is important to these companies, remarked Majer Lorino, a journalist with the Justis Walstad Times, and our newspaper is ready to cover all angles, good and bad, so that our readers can be better informed consumers. Key to any form of corporate domination in a given market is product research and development. Many online casino companies hire scientists and engineers for consultation and make them sign Non-Disclosure Agreements so that they wont take the same inforamtion to the competition. We made a big mistake five years ago when we allowed an important researcher at our firm to moonlight at Betty Tabeling Corporation, lamented Plankey Philipps, Director of Operations for Laurena Roszell INC, the result was a catatrophe for our online casino marketing …

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State Of Emergency In New Jersey Nothing New For AC Casinos

A state of emergency has been declared in New Jersey due to the potential for dangerous weather, but for Atlantic City casinos, a state of emergency is nothing new.

Gambling Revenue In Atlantic City Drops In November
Any Atlantic City casino executives that were hoping to see revenue increase as 2010 comes to an end can forget about that notion. AC casinos had revenue drop in double digits again in November, this time falling thirteen percent.…

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Romney Breaks Mormon Beliefs With Perry Gambling Offer

Romney Breaks Mormon Beliefs With Perry Gambling Offer
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has pinned much of his early campaign on the idea that his Morman beliefs would carry him to victory. Over the weekend, Romney broke from those Morman beliefs when he offered up a gambling proposition to fellow candidate Rick Perry.Romney offered a bet of $10,000 during his debate on Saturday after disputing whether or not he had called for a national individual mandate in the 2010 book No Apology. The subject has been a source of contention between Romney and Perry on the campaign trail.By Monday morning, Romney had backtracked on whether the bet offer was real or not. The media and political analysts hammered Romney for deviating from his Mormon beliefs, which led to Romney claiming that the $10,000 was just some random outrageous number that he threw out there during the debate.Not everyone was accepting of that explanation, with Mormon groups coming out and saying that even the thought of proposing a bet goes against everything that is believed by the Mormon faith. Gambling is considered an evil by the Mormons, with the idea being that those who gambler are searching to receive things for free.Analysts from all across the spectrum have been critical of Romney’s proposition, even gambling addiction expert Timothy Fong, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital. Fong told The Hill on Monday that he was concerned about Romney throwing out the $10,000 figure at a time when the country is financially struggling.Romney is currently in a battle with Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination. Recent polls show Gingrich as the current leader, with Romney a close second. Perry has fallen out of favor with many Conservatives over the past couple of months, leaving Gingrich and Romney to focus their efforts more on each other than Perry.The polls have also shown that Gingrich stands up better against President Obama, although Obama is leading in most of the major polls. Over the next year, the economy will be the most determining factor in whether Americans have the confidence to give the president another four years. Obama has already started campaigning, with several speeches aimed at attacking the Conservatives’ hard stance on many of the pressing issues.…

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New Year Celebrations Good For Las Vegas

The credit crunch doesnt appear to have hit the Las Vegas scene too hard. At least not yet.The New Year saw strong crowds drawn to Las Vegas for the holiday celebrations, although spending was down on previous years. Denis Forst, of KeyBanc Capital Markets, wrote to his clients At the high end properties, there was a strong international flavour and that would indicate that luck dictated the performance of the holiday at those casinos.This is likely better than had been envisioned and may be a catalyst to get investors attention in the new year. Spending overall has reduced due to the housing slowdown, reduced credit, increased food costs, and unemployment concerns.Some casino operators have struggled because of this, as consumers have reduced their leisure spending to match their smaller disposable incomes. Forst noted that while key figures for November gaming have not been released, it is expected that the decline will be much less than the figures for October. He predicted a single digit drop in gaming win growth for November. It is expected that the favourable New Years holiday results will be good news for Las Vegas-related stocks such as the Las Vegas Sands Crop, MGM Mirage, and Wynn Resorts Ltd.…

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